Amped Wireless Range Extender Setup process

Amped Wireless Range Extender Setup process

The Amped wireless range extender setup process is often asked about and no one gets an answer to that. Whether it’s the Amped wireless range extender SR300 or the Amped wireless range extender SR1000 setup process; there isn’t enough information available and we are here to change that. But first, let’s talk about Amped wireless.

There are several corporations that love to work with a customer first approach. Amazon is a prime example of that; the idea behind that is that your business will automatically boom if all you try to do is to keep your customers happy. While it worked great for Amazon, as no matter what, they will move mountains to keep the smile of their customers on top priority, a rather relatively small but extremely driven and performance-centric company called the Amped wireless has been topping the charts with sales and their effort of keeping customers happy which you can easily spot in the blog.

The continuous effort of making sure the customers always smile after even just thinking about the company has been paying off. The reasons why the accolades have been lining up are easily understandable. One the performance of their devices is unmatchable; they are fast, perform great and are gaining momentum to break new grounds with every device that leaving a warehouse and finding a home. These awards include being ranked #16 on the Inc 500’s list of fastest growing companies and #1 on computer hardware category where almost 5000 companies were ranked. A similar thing happened on the Deloitte’s Fast 500 list. It ranked #15 overall and #1 on the computer peripherals category.

Growth this fast, other than relying on the great customer-centric approach, is also due to the availability of devices like the Amped Wireless Range Extenders Setup in the market. The futuristic-looking routers with the names of Roman Gods are a perfect example of how you name great performing devices. These devices provide some impressive performance which is generally expected and more from a dual-band wielding Range Extenders. Even the setup process is quite simple. An Amped Wireless Range Extender configures itself quite fast and you can do that in just a number of few simple steps and resolve any amped wireless extender not working error.

To setup an Amped Range extender:

Step 1: Find an optimum location to place the router. This location should receive at minimum 70% signal strength.

Step 2: Attach the antennas provided with the router to the back of the device.

Step 3: To continue the amped extender setup, connect the Range extension device to a tablet, PC or laptop either wirelessly or using a wired connection. Do that by first powering on the Extender and then connecting to it using an Ethernet cable or connect to its available SSID.

Step 4: Open the web browser of the PC and enter the URL or IP and you will reach the Dashboard of your Amped Range Extender.

Step 5: You next need to look for the Wireless network whose range you are looking to extend. Select it from the available options and choose one.

Step 6: Set the appropriate Home security settings for both the wireless bands and add the SSIDs and the Passwords of the bands. It will take a while to apply the said settings and until then please don’t restart the Amped Wireless Range Extenders Setup.

Step 7: The dashboard will show you the final settings of the Extender; you can press okay if the changes are all the ones you wanted.

You Amped Wireless Range extender setup is complete and is ready to use.


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